Are you willing to give this a try?

How much goodness are you willing to receive? 

Everyone has a limit, and without even realizing it, most people are missing 96% of the amazing things this world has to offer. They're too busy being disappointed, and when they're in a really weak state, blaming others. 

When you're expecting to be disappointed, you'll always find something to complain about; something not quite right. 

When you're blaming others, or circumstances, or god or whatever, you're blind to the answers and solutions right in front of your face. 

You'll receive exactly as much value from the world as you are willing and able to receive.

Trying really hard doesn't prove your willingness. Many people will check all the boxes just so they can say they did it, and to prove their case that nothing will work. This is the state of perpetual disappointment. 

They lost touch with the first and most important step...Willingness. 

Are you willing?

Or maybe a better question is, "How willing are you?" 

Willing to receive healing.

Willing to be wrong about your limitations.

Willing to allow a miracle of transformation, even if you're scared of what lies on the other side.

Willingness is soft. Open. Willingness breathes and moves with grace. 

Willingness is where miracles begin. 



The Mystic Next Door


There's been a lot happening behind the scenes. Here are a few things to check out...

We just started a series about self-sabotage called, The Big Leap on Illumination Podcast; Very relevant to this idea of receiving. 

I have a healing class coming up with some amazing souls coming. Want to join us? Go here and fill out the form to get more information. 

I just released a free video series sharing a 90-second process to shift your energy from stuck and struggling to free and clear. 


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