Small is the New Big

Faced with large scale troubles, the first thought is often to seek a large scale solution.

Big, sweeping changes.

Overhaul the whole thing

Scrap it all and start from scratch! 

Take "Massive" action, whatever that means. 

That sounds nice. It makes us feel like we're doing something important, even if that 'Something' is flailing about with our hair on fire, getting nowhere fast.

See, the big stress that comes along with a big problem makes it easy to forget the little things. Small actions, done with care and intention, can create enormous change- often more quickly than we ever thought possible. 

Especially when you're struggling to keep your feet on the ground, or maintain a sense of control amid constant change, remember to come back to the little things.

Start with one small thing...


Then another. And another. 

*check, check*

Before you know it, you'll be miles from where you started. Forging a path that others said couldn't be forged. Some will inevitably ask, "How did you do that?" 

"Do what?" you might wonder, because you didn't realize how far you've come. But then you'll look back at all the little things and smile. They wouldn't believe you if you told them that it was all just little things. 

And here's the most important bit...Whether it's in the midst of a global pandemic, or just an average Monday when all of this is over and fading from our collective memory, it's the small things that make all the difference. Whether you realize it or not. 

Small is the new big. 


The Mystic Next Door


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