There's an App for That...

The latest iPhone seems pretty awesome, until you compare it to the amazing ability of your body to sustain itself. Magically transforming air and food into fuel for constantly rebuilding and regeneration.

Quantum computing is very forward thinking until you realize that our brains and cells have been doing it all along. 

Wifi is super cool until you consider the vast network of trees and plants; Effortless communion with Mother Earth- no batteries needed. 

For all our technological advances, we remain as little children, regaling the adults with tales of our strength and cleverness, yet oblivious to the vastness we exist within.

I wonder what we might accomplish if we ever learned to slow down and pay attention. I wonder what treasures we'd unlock inside of ourselves, or what access we would be granted to the secrets of nature. 

There's no app for that. Not really. 

It's something we need to decide to do. And keep deciding. 

I hope you'll join me on the journey. 


The Mystic Next Door

P.S. Energy is the invisible force that controls our world. When you learn to master it for yourself, you begin to understand how it works in bigger ways. All the hidden treasures are in the energy. Here is the very best place to start. 


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