The Happiness Lie

One of the biggest lies we’ve ever been told is that happiness out there for us somewhere.

Seems innocent enough. Optimistic even...

Who would have thought that this lie sets us up for perpetual disappointment. It tells us that happiness is...

  • On the other side of our troubles
  • When we finally meet our big goal
  • When things slow down
  • When we __________.

All lies.

Happiness isn’t something you attain. It’s something you decide.

Unhappiness comes down to one common condition. Disconnection between your head and your heart.

The same  disconnection that creates inner conflict and leads us far off our Soul’s path. The place where everything grinds to halt and obstacles appear in endless forms and variations.

Want a shortcut?

Learn to listen to your heart.

No, not your feelings; your knowing. 

In that knowing is Happiness like none other. It's there right now. 

So get quiet. REAL quiet. And listen...


The Mystic Next Door

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