Making Peace Where it Matters First

There is a battle raging, but it's not where you think. Remember, the outside is a reflection of what's going on inside. 

The more we become hypnotized by this beautiful, chaotic world, the harder it becomes to make a clear decision.

The mind is constantly searching for clues leading to the "right" path, which usually means the safe path. It's also very busy slapping labels on everything it comes in contact with so that everything fits neatly into it's own set of beliefs. 

Things that don't fit either get ignored, or pushed off until later, because after all, our minds are very busy these days. 

All the while, inside your heart echoes a knowing. A quiet, yet insistent voice that keeps calling.

"Later.When things slow down," says the mind.

"Later. When I'm not so tired." 


It's no wonder the heart becomes like a sad, neglected child; Throwing tantrums at the least convenient moments, hoping for a ray of attention.

What if we tried something different? What if you only gave your mind two simple jobs?

First and foremost, to protect and nurture the knowing in your heart. 

Second, to discern and filter out anything that doesn't help you express that knowing into the world. 

Can you imagine what a magical journey the three of you could have; You, your mind, and your heart?

I wish that for you. In fact, I wish that for all of us. 

With Love, 

The Mystic Next Door


P.S. This is how you get your mind and heart having a nice conversation again. 


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