Who's Pulling Your Strings?

There will never be a shortage of well-meaning (or otherwise) individuals ready and willing to pull your strings.

After all, a well-mannered, intelligent human, who knows their place can be extremely useful...

...for the one pulling the strings!

Controlling your schedule. Telling you how much you ought to be paid. Letting you know in no uncertain terms how you should act and the choices you should make.

If we take a close look at our lives, and start to recognize the places where we're making choices based on someone else's beliefs and agendas, you'll see all the same areas that are apt to spin into chaos at any given moment.


Because you're tethered to their choices; Their desires. 

If you like random chaos in your life, by all means, keep doing that.

If you don't mind sitting on the sidelines, endlessly waiting your turn, have at it.

Remember, at the end of the ride, it will be your choices and actions that will be reconciled- no matter how much you may want to relinquish that responsibility.

Because letting someone else choose is still making a choice.

Your most powerful tool in taking full control of your life isn't your force of will. That will lead to your ultimate exhaustion- which, by the way, is when you are most vulnerable to corrupt influence. 

Your most powerful tool is the sacred agreement between your head and your heart to follow the guidance of your Soul; To be true to your innermost nature, and live by your own code. 


The Mystic Next Door

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