Nobody Cares

Those flaws that you see in yourself? 

The physical imperfections, emotional soft spots...the places where one flippant comment can turn the knife and bring you to your knees?

Nobody cares.

Not really. 

But before you start thinking that this is a cold callous world, and it's every person for themselves, hear me out. 

Nobody cares because they are more focused on what you think of them than what they think of you. More concerned with their own flaws, vulnerabilities, insecurities, and an incessant need to prove their worth. 

It's incredibly freeing to remember that nobody really cares. Whatever you're obsessing over, or trying endlessly to change about yourself...Stop it.

It's a waste of energy. 

In hiding, you are lying to the world- and to yourself. Awkward insecurity only draws more unwanted attention, and more importantly, it takes away from the care you place on all of your beautiful qualities, strengths, and gifts. 

To most people- if not all- those "Flaws" will quickly fade into the background. To those close to you, it's very possible that they see your strengths even more clearly than you, so what are you worried about? 

Radical authenticity isn't about letting the worst of you spill out on everyone around you and saying, "Well, that's just how I am. Deal with it." 

Radical authenticity is a shift in focus; removing the excess attention and energy from your perceived imperfections and and placing it instead on the deeper, more True aspects of your innate beauty. 

Live from your beauty, not from your blemishes. 


The Mystic Next Door

P.S. When you have as many conversations as I do with people about their innermost fears and desires, you realize very quickly how radically different truth and perception really are.

Want to see for yourself? I can show you. Take this 15-minute quiz and I'll show you your innate perfection, as well as where you're getting hung up. 


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