The Greatest Gift You Can Give...

The greatest gift you can ever give yourself is simple...

It's permission to be yourself. ⁣⁣

Before your conditioned mind sweeps you away, take all your ”yeah but’s” and set them aside for a day or two.

Yeah, but...

  • If I do that, I won't be able to improve myself or move forward
  • What will other people think of me
  • I'll probably just go back to my old self and all my bad habits

...and all the other "Yeah, but's" your mind will invent. Set them all aside. 

Maybe after a few days you’ll enjoy yourself so much that you’ll set them aside for a few more. ⁣

Before you know it, you're a revolutionary; a true original, just as you were born to be, going your own way, and the battle with your inner-critic has quietly ended. 

That’s the peace I wish for you.

It's yours for the taking. All you need to do is choose it. 

With love, 

The Mystic Next Door


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