Many Paths to the Top of the Mountain

It's true what they say...There are many paths to the top of the mountain. 

My path may not be your path, and that's perfect. There is room for everyone willing to make a sincere effort. 

The thing they forget to say about this choose-your-own-adventure is that there are faster ways and slower ways; easier paths and harder ones; and some of them will kill you before you get to your destination. 

Sometimes we value "hard work" so highly, that we discount the paths of lesser resistance assuming that there must be a catch. There is some truth to be considered there because if you're looking for a shortcut to bypass the important work that has to be done, then you're setting yourself up for a painful karmic smack!

There are unintended consequences on many paths that won't reveal themselves until months or years later, and well after the damage is done. "Soul crushing..."

The disillusionment of years spent wandering in the woods only to wind up back where you started- just as lost as ever but more tired and thirsty. 


There is no escaping the trials we'll face. They were decided by an ancient part of us before we took our first breath in this life. But that doesn't mean it has to be a death match that leaves us scarred and disfigured.  

The climb is hard enough without working against ourselves and waging war on the world. You have nothing to prove. 

Find the path that's right for you, and don't stop until you're firmly established on it. But beware the traps of laziness and thrill-seeking; They're just mental & emotional indulgence in disguise. 

Safe travels...

The Mystic Next Door


P.S. Do you know how to heal yourself? That's the key to staying on your path without all the drama. Start here


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