Chasing the Violet-Flame Dragon

A spiritual experience is just that... EXPERIENCE! 

It comes and goes like any other. One moment we're happy. Another we're not. 

Not unlike a drug. Spiritual energy is intoxicating - and addictive.

And that’s exactly how many seekers treat their spiritual life- like an addict jonesing for their next fix. 

Looking to travel to the next dimension so they can escape this one, even if only for a moment. The faded memory of the high haunting them as they return to their “normal” life. 

Genuine Spiritually is something quite different. It lives in every nook and cranny of our lives just waiting to be discovered. 

Simple beauty. 

Unending awe. 

Deep humility. 

As we come full circle to realize that all of it is undeniably perfect, just as it has always been. 

My advice? 

Stop chasing the violet-flame dragon and start getting comfortable in the darkness of the eternal mystery because that’s where you’ll find all of the hidden treasure. 

Deepest respect, 

The Mystic Next Door


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