Filling the space?

What is it about empty space that's so unsettling? 

No sooner does the empty space appear, and we're looking to fill it with...

a book

a task

a thought

a game

a show

a diversion

We're grateful for the space opening up, but not because we can leave it empty. We're grateful because we can fill it with something more pressing, or if we're lucky, more pleasing than whatever was there before. 

When did it become so wrong to just do nothing? 

When did it become so difficult to rest in the quietude of pure perception that we need convincing and training to even attempt it? 

Because what if that empty space isn't empty at all? 

What if it's filled with subtle wisdom we'll never find anywhere else- like a secret archive hiding in plain sight? What if it's bursting with health and vitality that we never knew to access? 

What if...just maybe...that empty space holds the keys to a truer sense of peace and purpose? 

Would you be so quick to pick up your phone and start scrolling if you knew that life's greatest treasures were just sitting there waiting for you to stop by and and pick them up like you're borrowing a cup of sugar? 

The invitation is always open...

Peace and Love, 

The Mystic Next Door

P.S. Cleaning out the head noise and teaching your energy how to be receptive to this is a learned skill. Here's how we do it


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