Where are you running off to?

Running away is often how it starts. 

One day you wake up, take a good look around, and decide...

Not this. 

The gears of change start shifting, and it's good. Because different is good. For the moment.

But there is a trap in Different. Because it doesn't necessarily mean better. 

We keep changing. Ourselves. Our environment. Our circumstances. Until we decide we want something different again. 

Not this. 

And the gears of change shift again. Always running. Never resting. Never contented. Not really anyway. 

The secret lies in understanding that transformation doesn't happen until you decide what you're running TOWARDS. 

But there's a trick...

You have to have the Courage to:

...Own your creations (the good, the bad and the ugly)

...Decide differently

...Stick with it past the limits of your 21st century attention span

...Recommit as many times as it takes

Failure in any of those areas will start the gears grinding and the wheels spinning into the mud again. 

But if you stay connected to your Courage, you will set yourself Free. 

What are you running TOWARD ? 

You can do it.

I believe in you. 


The Mystic Next Door


P.S. This is a healing for Sadness, Grief and Loss. It helps to let go of the weight that can drag you down. Because running away is always about the past. 


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