Someone Needs You

Someone needs what you have.

Your love.
Your light.
Your knowledge.
Your help.

Are you hiding?

Because you haven't found the perfect way to say what you need to say? Because you're afraid of what "They" will think or do? Because you're "Not qualified" and haven't figured it all out yourself?

You don't need to see the whole way to take the next step, and you don't need all the answers to help someone else take theirs.

Come out from behind your veil. Show up. Don't stop.

Someone needs what you have, at this very moment.

Are you willing?

With Love,

The Mystic Next Door

Here are 3 ways I can help...

If you need clarity on WHAT you have to offer, go here

If you need help getting out of your own way, go here

If you are committed to your mission and want to get it out to the world, email and we'll chat about it. 


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