Three Humble Words and How to Use Them...

It's a simple phrase really. So easy to say. Only 3 words...

Yet there are times when it seems almost impossible to get them out. 

"I don't know." 

Not knowing is scary. It speaks to a vulnerable part inside that needs to get the right answer. Who wants to be the good student. And who is afraid of failing in front of others and looking stupid.

When that fear takes hold, we'd rather cling to the tiny patch of comfort that we DO know, rather than step out into uncharted territory. When you hear me talking about the dreaded "Need to be right," this is exactly what I mean. 

But there's a sneaky flip side that is just as scary- and destructive...

Because when we say we know something, we're on the hook for it. If the stakes seem high and we have to make a decision, sometimes it's easier to hide behind the not-knowing. Playing dumb in order to avoid the responsibility of deciding, and shame of being wrong. 

In truth, our areas of ignorance are for more vast than our knowledge. And that's ok! We'll never know it all, until we transcend this human experience and realize that everything we took to be knowledge was nothing of the sort. 

In the meantime, it's good to stay humble. But not so humble that you give away your power, determination, or courage. 

I know one thing for sure...

No matter how much or little you think you know, you absolutely know enough, and have everything you need, to take your next small step. 

The rest will come. 

I promise.

With love, 

The Mystic Next Door

P.S. Your self-image has everything to do with your ability to step into your life with confidence and take meaningful action. I'm going to be covering this in depth in my course on Self Love starting soon. If you want details, email me and tell me that you're ready for some real self love. I'll send you the details. 


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