Singing Love Songs

If you really listen to the words of a love song, you’ll realize how distorted and dysfunctional the concept of love has become.

I’m not even talking about the "eff-you" break-up songs.

I’m talking about the you-complete-me-I’d-be-lost-without-you-can’t-go-on-without-you songs.

But they're only dysfunctional because they're pointed in the wrong direction...looking toward someone outside ourselves to make us feel a certain way inside. 

All you really have to do to instantly transform those songs into something truly empowering is...

Sing them to yourself instead!

Laugh if you want. I know it's a little silly. But go with me for a minute because when you flip the script you get something completely different.

You complete me becomes "I am whole" because I no longer reject all the little pieces of myself that don’t fit my image of perfection

I’d be lost without you becomes "I am centered in my Self" because I no longer allow myself to get sucked into everyone else’s agenda on everyone else’s schedule.

I can’t live without you becomes "I am self-fulfilled" because I need nothing more than to be exactly who I am, exactly as I am.

That last one really gets to the heart of it.

You cannot escape your relationship with yourself.

Any part you reject is another shard of the the mirror. Another missing piece. Another hole to fill. 

Singing love songs to yourself is one way to love your self back to wholeness.

Here’s my favorite to get you started

Lots of love, 

The Mystic Next Door




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