The Everything Antidote

A little dose of this ancient antidote goes a long ways, but don't worry, it's not the kind of medicine that poisons you if you take too much. In fact, the more the better. It's literally impossible to overdo it. 

What's this wonder drug? 


Real forgiveness- not the hallow shadow that passes for forgiveness in a world too busy being offended to look at themselves. 

Fake forgiveness sounds like, "You're a jerk, but I forgive you because I'm the bigger person." 

Or, "I forgive you, because I'm supposed to, but I'll secretly hold it against you and wait until you screw up again to really let you have it."

Or one of my favorites from the spiritual communities, "I forgive you, but I can't wait to see what Karma does to you." 


REAL forgiveness- the kind that creates healing miracles and deep peace- is something entirely different...

Forgiveness = Acceptance. 

Accepting the other (and yourself, for that matter) exactly as is. 

Completely. No exceptions. 


It doesn't mean that it's ok when others mistreat you or do something silly. #humans. 

It means that you put down the heavy weight of expectation, disappointment, and blame. You lovingly draw out the poison that is anger and resentment. In so doing, you let go of a toxin that is more caustic than battery acid (seriously!)

Forgiveness is Freedom.

As you free that person to be exactly who they are; you free yourself to be exactly who you are; who you were always meant to be! There is no greater gift you can give to yourself or others than forgiveness. 

Who knows, people might even surprise you in the most wonderful ways, because when you take anger, resentment, and disappointment out of the energy between two people, there is much more opportunity for love and appreciation. 

Forgiveness heals all, and you alone have the power to set yourself free. 

Forgive, and be free! 


-The Mystic Next Door

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P.P.S. Here's a video I made about Forgiveness and why it creates miracles.  


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