Where to Find Heaven

The chair in my office sits next to a window. In through that window flows a gentle breeze off the ocean a few miles away. 

I close my eyes and feel the perfection of that breeze on my skin, and I am in heaven. Then...

...a thought...

A hope. A dream. A desire. 

Of the day ahead.

Of what's next. 

Of what I didn't do the day before. 

And heaven fades away. 

We've been told that heaven is a place to get, yet in the most beautiful settings we drag along our anxiety and fear; A basket case in a beautiful wrapping. 

Sometimes we land there for a moment, only to get swept away. More often, it seems just out of reach, on the other side of the next thing. When I finally ______ ...

...but then we do, and there's something else. Always something more, and Heaven remains at arms length. 

Somewhere inside, we know it's not a place, or a feeling, or even a state of mind. 

Mostly, heaven is a decision to allow everything to be perfect, exactly as it is. 


The Mystic Next Door


P.S. It's not as hard as you think, or as unreachable. The secret is in knowing how to clean out the noise and chatter inside.

This meditation has been helpful for a lot of people.

For the deeper stuff, you can learn how here


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