Where we're going?

I've heard this word a lot lately. To be honest I'm not even sure what it means. 

And even if I did, I'm not so sure it's something worth aspiring to...

It's been showing up in conversations with friends and family. 

I've read it in news articles. 

Just the other day the lady in front of me at the grocery store was going on about it with the checkout guy. It always starts like this...

"When things get back to normal..." 

And I can't help but think to myself, What the heck is "Normal" anyway? 

Is "Normal" just what we were used before all this happened? 

Or is it an imagined past, like the good ol' days? 

Was normal actually healthy for us and our world, or was it just comfortable? 

Do we really want to go backwards while so much beauty and possibility lies ahead? 

So. Many. Questions....

Please don't misunderstand me.

I fully recognize the tragic losses suffered by so many. I know that people are also missing some of the simple things we took for granted. 

I miss some of those things too. 

But healing is a necessary part of growth and development. 

And healing means change. 

Rather than trying to get back where we were- to some imagined "Normal"- we'd be much better served by thinking seriously about where we want to be going. 

Because maybe...just maybe...

This is exactly what we needed to take our next step into a brighter, more healthful world. 

That'll be up to you. 

First things first...

Are you pointed backward, or forward? 

Peace and Love, 

The Mystic Next Door


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