The Mystic's Message

The Mystic's Message

Chasing the Violet-Flame Dragon

A spiritual experience is just that... EXPERIENCE! 

It comes and goes like any other. One moment we're happy. Another we're not. 

Not unlike a drug. Spiritual energy is intoxicating - and addictive.

And that’s exactly how many seekers treat their spiritual life- like an addict jonesing for their next fix. 

Looking to travel to the next dimension so they can escape this one, even if only for a moment. The faded memory of the high haunting them as they return to their “normal” life. 


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If you've ever hired an amateur handyman to do important work, only to watch it all fall apart, you probably have a new appreciation for the value of skill. 

If you've ever tried to do it yourself to save some money and it wound up costing you twice as much $$, 10 times as much time, and still wasn't quite "right"... probably have deeper respect for the value of experience. 

If you've ever ignored a small problem only to watch it blow up into something infinitely more frustrating, c…

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Peace isn't something you wish for. 

It's something you create. 

Many people have the misunderstanding that getting another to submit is peace. 

That's not peace. That's an armistice. 

We do this to other people with clever arguments and "mic drop" moments. You may silence them for a moment, or maybe get a dark chuckle from your followers, but did you actually change anything? 

We do this with ourselves, willing our mind into an ordered and positive state. Trying to keep the scary thoughts …

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In the information age, we are utterly saturated in other people's ideas. Some of them are easy to dismiss or tune out. Other bits seem like they might be helpful, so we gather them up. 

And keep gathering.

  • Books
  • Journals
  • Memes
  • Audios

And try to do exactly what we were taught in school; Memorize it and recall it when you need it. So we'll get the good grade, say the right words, do the best thing, but mostly, so that we'll be safe with that box checked off the list. 

Wisdom doesn't wo…

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Born again

I’m born again!

And so are you…

Not in the bloody, metaphorical, Jesus-y way. But in a more practical, living Truth kind of way; The Eternal Now. 

The only thing cluttering the canvas is what we decide to drag along for the journey. 

But if we were to take all of that out of the equation, what would we be left with? 

Simple beauty and presence. Cosmic awareness put into action through the art of living; Small acts done with great care. 

You don’t need a new year to start fresh. All you nee…

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Being in the Not-Knowing

When you've heard something for the umpteenth time and yet the true meaning eludes you, it's tempting to check it off the list...

I already know that

I've heard it before

It must not be right because it's not working

...and move onto the next thing; The endless information safari.

Not getting something that's right in front of our faces can make us feel stupid, and no one wants to feel like the only one not getting it and being left behind. 

The greatest truths in life are not complex form…

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The Measure of Knowledge

How do you know? 

I mean, really know the measure of knowledge.

It simple really. 

There is one thing that always comes with true knowledge. 

It's not fame. 

It's not fortune. 

It's not accolades or degrees. 

It's not happiness.

It's not peace, though that often comes along for the ride. 

It's humility. 

The deeper your knowledge- real knowledge- the more profound your humility. 

The Mystic Next Door

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The Greatest Illusion

Love and loss. 

Treachery and kindness. 

Resentment, rage, and reconciliation. 

The greatest illusion is that the cause of those things is outside of us. 

Reaching into the lives of others to affect feeble change. 

We grip and hold onto our "Happy place," only to watch it slip away again and again.  

While the power you hold is within; The only power you've ever truly held. 

Every decision you make...

for love

for kindness

for forgiveness

for joy

for wisdom

for goodness your …

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The reason you can't...

"Can't" is a powerful word.

It's a decision... accept the status quo. 

"Can't's" are frequently wrapped in a very well-thought out story that proves all the reasons why, using our own experiences (real and imagined) against us. 

Here's the thing you need to know about "Can't..." 

The reason you "Can't," is the reason you MUST! 

Because inside the story of your "Can't" is a new frontier for you to...

  • Break a habit or belief that has kept you trapped
  • Overcome a limitation that has …

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The Fountain of Youth

The fountain of youth isn’t a secret. You access a little drop every time you decide to let go...

...of anger

...of resentment

...of blame

...of fear

...of loss

...of all the past worries, anxieties, failures, and everything else that we drag along with us into the present.

To let go of the past is to be born again. Every moment, renewed. Refreshed.

The harder we struggle, the tighter we grip, the more it drains our life.

If you want something new in your life, there must be room for it…

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