The Mystic's Message

The Mystic's Message

Three Truths

You are seen

You are heard

You are loved

Whether you realize it or not. 

To receive these gifts fully, become a master of giving them unconditionally. 

To others, sure, but even more importantly, to yourself. 

With love, 

The Mystic Next Door

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Finding your voice

Full disclosure, this post is especially for me. And of course, you, if you happen to be looking for more free and authentic expression of your creative impulses and deeply held Truth. Not worrying if it's good enough or what others will think. 

Somewhere along the way, we learned to wait our turn until...what, exactly?

We're "ready?"

We've got it down?

We know exactly what to say or do? 

A recipe for endless frustration. Bone-jarring stops and starts and cost years and more

We think, "I…

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Setting the Record Right

It's not difficult to find fault with others and make them wrong. We're trained to look for problems, so flaws stand tend to stand out, especially as you get to know someone and see their different facets and foibles.

Making someone else wrong protects our own sense of worth and value by taking it from another. When you damage someone's self-esteem, you damage something incredibly precious. Those blows can be crushing, feeling like you'll never measure up. 

Sometimes it happens on purpose, esp…

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The Anger Games, Part 3

Anger is like a hypnotic state. 

It consumes the mind like wildfire, looping through the same thoughts, building its case, ratcheting up the heat until it explodes in a blinding blaze. 

Anger has a way of blocking out anything that doesn't support its agenda, undermining any sense of reason or judgement, while shirking any sense of responsibility (see part 2 on this). 

That's a dangerous place to be and you have to ask yourself, "Who is REALLY calling the shots when I'm angry?"

  • Your emotio…

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The Anger Games Part 2

There's no shortage of things in our world to be angry about- many of them easily justifiable.

And as tempting as that may be, there are some significant problems that come along with justifying anger...

  • You'll wind deeper into this destructive emotion, fanning the fire at great risk to your health and well-being. 
  • You'll become righteous in your anger- further entrenched in your own perspective, while remaining blind to more productive solutions. 
  • Over time, you'll become dependent on ang…

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The Anger Games, Part 1

Anger is a device people use to...

  • Control a situation. 
  • Get others to pay attention.
  • Justify harmful thoughts and actions. 

Truth be told, anger can quite effective toward those ends. It's also high risk. The harm done in anger is often irreparable, sowing seeds of fear, and mistrust.

After all, anger is a sign of weakness, not strength. It's something we use to project strength when we're feeling most vulnerable. 

It is a caustic emotion that destroys the integrity of your cells and …

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Nobody Cares

Those flaws that you see in yourself? 

The physical imperfections, emotional soft spots...the places where one flippant comment can turn the knife and bring you to your knees?

Nobody cares.

Not really. 

But before you start thinking that this is a cold callous world, and it's every person for themselves, hear me out. 

Nobody cares because they are more focused on what you think of them than what they think of you. More concerned with their own flaws, vulnerabilities, insecurities, and an i…

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Why Bad Things Happen in 3’s (and how to make them stop)


You’re sailing along having a great day with a fresh cup of your favorite coffee in your hand when suddenly…

…you get a phone call…

Bad news! And suddenly, the vibe of your day takes a turn for the worse. You brace yourself for the onslaught.

“What now?!”

“Well, I guess I’m just not going to get anything done today.”

“Could this day gat any worse?”

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking or saying any of those things, you’re already caught in the trap. And if you’re caught in the trap, you …

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Who's Pulling Your Strings?

There will never be a shortage of well-meaning (or otherwise) individuals ready and willing to pull your strings.

After all, a well-mannered, intelligent human, who knows their place can be extremely useful...

...for the one pulling the strings!

Controlling your schedule. Telling you how much you ought to be paid. Letting you know in no uncertain terms how you should act and the choices you should make.

If we take a close look at our lives, and start to recognize the places where we're makin…

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Making Peace Where it Matters First

There is a battle raging, but it's not where you think. Remember, the outside is a reflection of what's going on inside. 

The more we become hypnotized by this beautiful, chaotic world, the harder it becomes to make a clear decision.

The mind is constantly searching for clues leading to the "right" path, which usually means the safe path. It's also very busy slapping labels on everything it comes in contact with so that everything fits neatly into it's own set of beliefs. 

Things that don't f…

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