The Mystic's Message

A Message for Special Snowflakes and Ne'er-Do-Wells

Mystic's Message Snowflakes

To all my special snowflakes reading this right now...

You are nothing. A blip in the cosmic ocean too small to measure on any reasonable scale. 

To all of my self-critical readers who never feel good enough...

You are everything. A unique and beautiful expression of Divine consciousness that can never be replicated. 

What's funny is that both of these things are true- for ALL of us. All the time. 

The special ones trying so hard to be special. The ordinary ones who feel like they have nothing to con…

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The REAL Lesson

People do bad things. 

They lie. 

They manipulate. 

They say hurtful things without even bothering to ask a question.

They turn on you, and show a side you never knew was there.  

And when someone close to you does this, you might feel betrayed, and start to question...

What happened to the person I knew? 

Is this who they've always been? 

Were all the wonderful parts just an illusion? A setup? 

It's often easier to be cynical about the whole thing and believe it was just that; It must have all been a li…

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Positively Blocked

The other day I got blocked by a "positivity" coach, and the reason why is more disturbing than you might think…

I know that I can be a little much sometimes. As a Gen Xer, sarcasm was something of a love language growing up. I know this about myself, and I really do try to keep it in check.

So when a “positivity” coach slid into my DMs promoting their “positive” content, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I clicked their link. I read their meme.

And I really wanted to let it slide...

But I just …

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A lifetime of...?

One of my favorite pans is a simple cast iron. 

I remember buying it a good 15 years back. Bright eyed and ready to explore a new style of cooking. 

I also remember cleaning the dust off it just a few year years ago. Because for most of those years I hardly ever used it. 

It was messy. It took forever to clean. 

Everything I put it in came out charred on the outside and raw on the inside. But there was nothing wrong with the pan. I just didn't know what I was doing. 

I neglected it. 

I didn't wash or …

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The Loudest Voice

The loudest voice isn’t always the most important.

It’s not even the voice of the majority. It's not any more "right." 

It’s just the loudest.

The problem is that we’re conditioned through millennia of evolution to pay attention to the loudest things.

So that’s what gets our attention. Our energy.

Like a fish with the hook deeply set, pulled back and forth. The harder you fight, the deeper the hook. The more exhausted you become.

One solution is to turn off the news. But that won’t stop th…

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Shine on

You are needed.

The light that you have inside you; The Divine Spark…

The world needs that now more than ever.

For hope. For healing. For guidance and inspiration. For wisdom.

For acceptance and forgiveness. For love. Maybe most of all for Love.

You have it.

Your family and friends have it.

Every person you meet has it.


The question ISN’T…

Why doesn’t everyone know this? Or why don’t more people step into the light?

It’s not how do I get more people to see my light?

It’s not even HOW do I shine mo…

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A reminder for hard days and troubled times

If you need to cry, cry.
If you need to rage, rage.
If you need to march, march.
If you need to work quietly behind the scenes, work quietly.

If you’re too exhausted and need to sit this round out, sit it out. Take care of yourself.

If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, afraid to step in, claim your courage and step in.

This is your permission slip, if you need one.

These are your words if they resonate, and you can’t find your own.

This is your space to be accepted, respected and loved- exac…

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Been there, done that

There is nothing like a new beginning. Picking up a new hobby. Starting a new career. A new relationship…

Pure possibility.

Over the years I’ve worked with many people making big transitions in their lives. Quitting a job and starting their own business. Trying to learn a new skill. Getting out of a toxic relationship, or trying to find a new partner.

When you’re taking those first awkward steps, one of the first things we tend to do is FORGET everything we already know.

You might say, “But I do…

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